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How Amy Kelly started Jett Beauty and set the standard in Minnesota for high quality applications and service

Amy Kelly is the visionary founder of Jett Beauty, a high-end beauty service provider located in the 50th and France area of Edina, and Excelsior, Minnesota. With over a decade of experience in the beauty industry, Kelly's journey began in 2007 while attending a training seminar in New York as a professional make-up artist. It was here that she was introduced to the art of airbrush makeup and high-end eyelash extensions, which sparked the idea of bringing this innovative service to her clients in Minnesota.

“At the time, eyelash extensions were really only known in Hollywood and used for films and red-carpet events,” says Kelly. “They were not readily available here in the Twin Cities area.”

Noticing the lack of access to these services, Kelly saw an opportunity to cater to a niche market of brides and individuals looking to enhance their look for both special and everyday occasions. Jett Makeup was the first eyelash bar in Minnesota and quickly set the industry standard with high-quality applications, premium service, and highly trained employees who keep up with the latest techniques. With a focus on using only the highest-grade materials available, ranging from synthetic silk to Siberian mink fur, Jett Beauty's eyelash extensions provide clients with a luxurious look that can withstand even the most emotional moments.

“I knew some salons with technicians who were just ok and some were fantastic,” she says. “I do feel that all comes down to the training, and then managing in general so you know that the guest is going to have a great experience every time they come in. We spend a lot of time training so that we ask the right questions and use the right verbiage to provide the best service.”

Jett Beauty owner Amy Kelly
Jett Beauty owner Amy Kelly

Although Kelly had no prior business management experience, she relied on her network of successful women entrepreneurs for guidance and support. She read books on business management and participated in the Small Business Administration's Emerging Leaders Program. As her business grew, she sought a loan from a larger, national bank but was surprised by the lack of support for a business of her size.

Fortunately, Rebecca Thomley, owner of Orion Associates, connected Kelly with Brad Benesh of North American Banking Company. Benesh took the time to understand Kelly's business and goals, providing genuine support and advice. 

“First and foremost, Brad sat down and wanted to get to know me and learn about my business,” recalls Kelly. “I knew I was talking to someone who is very sincere, and not aggressive. Just very genuine where it’s like ‘Let me get to know you and let’s see what we can do to achieve your goals.’ I think that’s really unique and something you don’t see very often, especially in banking.”

Today, Jett Beauty has locations in Edina and Excelsior and is highly regarded by its customers and industry publications alike. Jett Beauty has become the go-to destination for clients seeking exceptional beauty services that are tailored to their individual needs. Kelly's commitment to excellence and dedication to her customers and employees have made Jett Beauty a trusted and respected business in the beauty industry.

“It’s been years now but I know that as my business continues to grow, it’s just great to pick up the phone and call Brad and ask any questions. I just know that I can always rely on Brad.”

Jett Beauty Staff
The Jett Beauty team


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