Online Security and Fraud Protection

Protecting Your Information

North American Banking Company App Security

Our apps for iPhone and Android devices use multi-factor authentication. A software token is connected to your device so that only your device can be used to access your accounts through the app. You will use your North American Banking Company Access ID and password to create a four-digit PIN to log in to the app.

Security Profile

We ask all our Online Banking customers to set up a Security Profile, which is added security to help protect your account information. If you use an unrecognized browser or computer to log into Online Banking, you will be asked to answer a security question for verification.

Text Banking Security

When you register for our Text Banking service, you register your mobile phone number and you can only send text banking messages to North American Banking Company from that phone number. We will not send confidential, identifying information through text messages and nothing confidential is stored on the mobile phone. North American Banking Company will not send unsolicited text messages, we will only send text messages you request through our Text Banking service.

Security Token (Cash Manager)

Security Tokens are an added layer of security for Cash Management users. After a one-time registration process, the Security Token allows you to log in to Cash Management with your current Access ID and password and a uniquely generated six-digit Security Token Password. This additional layer of security identifies you by something you know (Access ID/Password) with something you have (the Security Token).

Other Ways We Help Protect You

North American Banking Company offers additional ways to protect your information and your privacy, including the ability to:

  • Receive online statements
  • Sign up for unusual activity and other account alerts

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