Raymond Auto Body

Building on Four Decades of Success at Raymond Auto Body

“A pleasure to work with.” “Couldn’t be more satisfied.” “I got my car back in better condition than before the accident.”

These are just a few of the ways customers rave about Raymond Auto Body, a fourth-generation family-owned auto repair shop that’s been in business in St. Paul since Truman was president. Back then, you could buy the nation’s best-selling car—the Studebaker Commander—for less than $3,000.

It was also back then that Raymond Slomkowski, a young man with big dreams, opened his auto body shop and began building a reputation for quality craftsmanship. That reputation is now four generations strong and is being carried on by Raymond’s son Dick, who took over the business in 1959; Dick’s sons Jerry and Joel who run the business, and Jerry’s son Jason, who joined the company in 2005.

Today, Raymond Auto Body is the go-to regional repair shop for Audi and Mercedes-Benz, and the preferred shop for many insurance agencies. One reason is because of Jerry and Joel’s commitment to customer service.

“We have the same equipment and skill level as many other auto body shops in town but what sets us apart is our employees,” says Jerry. The average Raymond Auto Body employee has been with the company for 15 years and several have been employed by Raymond for more than 30 years.

"The bank has been a true partner. When we have a need, CEO Michael Bilski, Vice President Mike Adducci, and others are only a phone call away."

Jerry and Joel started working for the business in the mid-70s, when they were teens. “By the late 80s, we were each managing part of the business,” says Jerry. “Taking on managerial responsibilities at that time was really great because the people, processes, equipment, and buildings were already in place.”

Along the way, Jerry and Joel also developed an important relationship with North American Banking Company, a relationship that has enabled Raymond Auto Body to grow.

“The bank has been a true partner,” says Jerry. “When we have a need, CEO Michael Bilski, Vice President Mike Adducci, and others are only a phone call away. Working with them couldn’t be any easier, and they’ve been a great source of help on all sorts of financial and legal matters. Plus, they’ve been a big help to our employees.”

That help has taken many different forms. For instance, the bank helped Raymond Auto Body secure a loan to buy a building for expansion and purchase stock. The bank has also helped Raymond Auto Body employees with everything from checking and savings accounts, to home, auto, and boat loans.

Like North American Banking Company, Raymond Auto Body is committed to exceeding customer expectations. Team members receive extensive training in the art and techniques of high-end repair and restoration, as well as in state-of-the-art equipment and computer systems … many of which are unique to specific automobile brands.

That ongoing commitment to business excellence ensures that Raymond Auto Body’s reputation continues to shine. “I am very grateful to the people who put in the work and made the sacrifices to get the company where it is today,” says Jerry. “And I am very excited about the future.”

Below: Watch our customer featuring Raymond Auto Body.

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