Technical Plating

How we helped a multi-generational plating company expand with an eye towards the future

James Thomas started Technical Plating, Inc. in 1975 in Brooklyn Park, MN, specializing in finishing and plating small, precision metal parts. Plating, a key component in the manufacturing process, protects metal parts like steel, aluminum and copper against corrosion. He found that higher quality finishes, such as electroless nickel, tin plating, and passivation were needed in the market. Without plating, key metal components in everything from machinery to connectors to airplane parts will become corroded and quickly break down.

James’s son Bryan took over the company in 1983, adding additional capabilities such as reel to reel plating and tin/lead. Bryan became a well-known expert on plating and passivation as Technical Plating grew, resulting in the company eventually moving into a custom, state of the art, 30,000-square foot facility that now houses over 15 plating lines and 10 finishes.

Bryan’s son Tyler is now the third generation to lead Technical Plating. Tyler started working at the company in 2013, racking parts, cleaning, and learning the business while going to college. Today he serves as vice president and general manager and has been responsible for updating many of their processes, leading to Technical Plating receiving important certifications for improving quality, testing, environmental responsibility, and safety. Technical Plating received it’s ISO 9001:2015, AS 9100D (aerospace), ISO 13485 (medical), and ISO 14001 (environmental management) accreditations and is working on more. Having these certifications has led to, and will lead to even more, new opportunities for the company to grow and expand. He is also heavily involved in the surface finishing industry as a whole, serves on the board for the local surface finishing association chapter, and is also furthering his education at the same time.

“Todd’s willingness and enthusiasm to work with us is something we didn’t see at the other banks we were talking with.”

Technical Plating had been banking with a big bank. When that bank was acquired, they experienced a sharp decline in customer service and felt that smaller businesses like them were no longer a priority. Tyler was looking to purchase and improve their building and was ready to change banks.

Tyler learned of North American Banking Company and connected with Senior VP/Business Banking Todd Nelson almost immediately.

“Todd’s willingness and enthusiasm to work with us is something we didn’t see at the other banks we were talking with,” said Tyler. “He was diligent, wanted to get it done, and made us feel like he was on our team. It was a nice change.”

As Tyler is charting a new course for Technical Plating, he is happy to have found a banker like Todd.

“I tell everyone I know about North American Banking Company,” said Tyler. “It’s been a great fit.”

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