High Volume and Specialty Payments

Payment processing with the service of a community bank

We have been in the high volume and specialty payments business since our founding. We are proud of our status as the first bank to join the Third Party Payment Processors Association.

In 2021, we became Nacha Direct Financial Institution Members. Nacha Direct Members have direct access to ACH experts and each quarter are among the first to learn about rules updates through an exclusive webinar. Nacha has more than 40 Direct Members, consisting of financial institutions and Payments Associations (PAs) that collectively represent nearly all financial institutions across the U.S.

Our dedicated Enhanced Risk Payments group includes seven staff members with AAP certification, two with APRP certification, nine NCP’s, one Certified BSA/AML Professional (CBAP) and one Certified Commercial Cannabis Professional (CCCP).

North American Banking Company was the 23rd largest ACH ODFI in the US by transaction volume in 2021, but remains true to its community bank roots by providing customized solutions and personalized service to Third Party Senders and Money Services Businesses throughout the US.

Same Day ACH as well as late evening and Sunday processing for both check and ACH are available.

Email Todd Lovaas or call him at 651-628-6613 to discuss your firm’s banking or processing needs.

Compliance‐focused RCC, ACH, check clearing and merchant account sponsorship solutions for higher risk industries are also available.

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North American Banking Company is a community bank based in the Twin Cities but with a nationwide presence in payment processing.

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