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How working with a community bank helps our customers

Even as a young boy, Ben Loesel, Assistant Vice President, Business Banking, knew he wanted to go into banking for two reasons. He was good at math, and he liked money.

Ben also had an ulterior motive: helping others.

“As a community banker, I’m committed to our customers and their success,” says Ben. “Even during these trying times, I am always striving to identify what our customers need and how I can help. Whether that’s equipment financing, an operating line of credit or an SBA loan, all of us at North American Banking Company truly are here to help with everything from cash flow to capital expenses.”

Committed to helping customers succeed

That commitment to customer success inspires the entire North American Banking Company team, including Todd Nelson Senior Vice President, Business Banking, and Michele Lester, Assistant Vice President, Credit Card Processing.

“When you do business with a community bank, you get to know us, and we get to know you,” says Todd. “That means we’re able to act quickly and decisively when it comes to approving loans and lines of credit. We can even offer unique financing and balance sheet options, all with the goal of reducing uncertainty and increasing flexibility. I know that kind of help really makes a difference for customers.”

Reducing fees to strengthen the bottom line

“Even during the best of times, nearly every business worries about the high cost of credit-card processing, which can include 22 different fees,” says Michele, who has more than a dozen years of experience helping customers minimize their credit-card processing fees. That’s why she offers a free, no-obligation, apples-to-apples payment-processing analysis designed to save you both time and money.

Michele will also meet with you quarterly to review your merchant card account statements, point out which fees you are overpaying, and answer any questions you may have about your transactions or processing fees.

Help when you need it

All of our employees take their roles as devoted customer advisors seriously. It’s why they do this work … and why they are available to help wherever and however we can.

How can we help your business? Contact us today and one of our business bankers will be ready to help!

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