EVERFI Financial Education Classes

North American Banking Company partnered with EVERFI in to bring financial education classes to 700 students in the Twin Cities

Earlier this year, North American Banking Company partnered with EVERFI to bring financial education classes to several schools in the Twin Cities. Although the pandemic forced the closure of all schools in Minnesota, financial education classes were able to continue via online distance learning.

The classes were taken by 700 students at eight Twin Cities’ schools, listed below:

  1. Falcon Ridge Middle School
  2. Lake Nokomis- Keewaydin School
  3. Chippewa Middle School
  4. Crosby-Ironton Secondary School
  5. Lionsgate Academy
  6. Seward Montessor
  7. Skyview Community Middle School
  8. Tartan Senior High School

In our elementary school program, students’ assessment scores increased by 19% after they completed their course dedicated to basic financial principals. In the middle and high school focused entrepreneurship course, scores increased by 63% after they completed the course!

In the entrepreneur course, students learned how to develop a business idea and developed their own pitches. 88% of learners said they now feel more prepared to describe what is part of an effective business pitch.

As learning shifted out of the classrooms and into homes via distance learning, EVERFI and North American Banking Company unveiled the Family Portal, which provided parents direct access to the K-12 learning platforms. Family Portal allowed parents to instantly access more than 20 digital courses for their children.

What Teachers Are Saying

“This course was phenomenal. It truly brought to life the entire Entrepreneurial process. Students were able to engage in business ownership modules and would often relate what they were learning on the modules. The experience in the course really validated and supported what I was teaching. I highly recommend this course!”

“The new version of Financial Literacy has been great! The program covers essential standards that all high school students need to help prepare them for the real world! This program enhances my instruction by offering real life scenarios for the students to apply what they have learned.”

What Students Are Saying

“I loved how this course took me step by step through the different aspects of starting my own business. I thought it was so cool to experience opening my own ice cream truck, hiring employees, and going through the whole process.”
–Student in Mounds View Public School District

“I will use it if I ever want to start my own business. It also might help me when I am working for a business so I will understand what my employer is doing a bit more.”
–Student in Mounds View Public School District

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