Credit Card Processing at Lower Cost

Get credit card processing at competitive rates with the service of a community bank

By Michele Lester
AVP/Credit Card Processing

Are you overpaying for credit card processing?

And getting poor service to boot?

Unfortunately, the answer may be Yes.

That’s because nearly every business owner I talk to has the same two concerns about credit card processing:

  • High Cost. You may be paying up to 22 different fees. What do all they all mean? Are you getting the lowest rates you’re entitled to?
  • Poor Customer Support. Do you have a dedicated support rep you can call for answers? Someone who knows your name and understands your business?

If you’ve got questions and concerns about your merchant card services -- and the many confusing fees -- you’re not alone. For you, it can be a costly headache. But it’s a headache I’ve solved for clients over 10 years, in the merchant card processing industry.

Free Payment-Processing Analysis

When I work with a business, I start by offering a Free Payment-Processing Analysis. We can identify your potential savings at no cost and no obligation. And I’d be happy to conduct one for you.

During your analysis, we’ll discuss your needs. I’ll review and explain your current fees -- up to 22 different ones in many cases. There’s almost always two or three fees that you’re overpaying.

You’ll see at a glance -- in an apples-to-apples comparison -- just how much you could save with North American Banking Company. For example, our business-to-business solution cuts transaction processing rates by up to 1.5%, which can save you 15%, 20% or more in fees. Those savings can quickly add up to thousands of dollars, without working any harder or hiring more people.

To schedule your Free Payment-Processing Analysis, call now 651.714.6458 or send an email to

Outstanding Customer Support

You’re never just another number at our community bank. When you call for help or meet me over coffee, you receive personal support from someone who’s familiar with your account and can answer your questions.

With North American Banking Company, you can expect to:

  1. Save money. Because I stay on top of new products and services, I can match you to solutions that fit your business’ evolving needs. I can also help you secure a loan, improve cash flow, and more -- by connecting you to our business bankers and cash management specialists
  2. Save time. If you’re ever tried to read your merchant card account statements, you know how confusing they can be. That’s why I can meet with you to review your statement and answer any questions about your transactions or processing fees. We can also schedule quarterly visits to make sure your processing needs are being met and make any needed changes.

Take The Next Step

To see if you’re overpaying on credit card processing and learn more about our services, you’re invited to schedule a Free Payment-Processing Analysis. We can talk by phone, or meet in person at your business or one of our five Twin Cities locations. At no cost and no obligation. Call now, 651.714.6458 or send an email to


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