Meet Business Banker Luke Ferden

"Though I grew up loving math, I never wanted to be a CPA. Instead, I wanted to use numbers to help business owners succeed."

While many bankers spend their days at their desks crunching numbers, North American Banking Company’s Business Banking Vice President Luke Ferden spends his advising business owners on the best way to leverage debt.

“Though I grew up loving math, I never wanted to become a CPA,” says Luke. “Instead, I wanted to use numbers to help business owners succeed.”

And that’s exactly what Luke has been doing since joining the bank in 2010. Take Haley and Tony Fritz, for instance. They dreamt of owning a food business but had no idea how to get the money they needed to get started. That’s when the Fritzes called Luke and said, “We have this crazy idea for a new food-truck concept.”

Many bankers, especially those unfamiliar with the hot food-truck trend, may have called the idea crazy, too, but not Luke. Instead, he asked the Fritzes for their business plan, including their financial projections. Then, he got to work analyzing the numbers and making suggestions for how they could be improved.

Before long, thanks to a loan that Luke helped them secure and money once designated for their honeymoon, the Fritzes were the proud owner of O’Cheeze, a food truck that serves delicious grilled cheese sandwiches at tap rooms and other locations throughout the Twin Cities.

The food truck was an instant success when it opened in 2014, and in 2016 Luke helped the Fritzes secure financing to buy a second truck. In 2017, he helped them get a third business loan, this time for Dough Dough, a sister food truck full of sweets, as well as a new Mall of America store that serves edible cookie dough.

“Quite honestly, a food truck loan is really risky, so a lot of big banks wouldn’t have even looked at us,” says Tony. “But Luke’s been awesome.”

“He’s so easy to work with,” says Haley. “He was one of the first people we told when we found out we were expecting our baby. We only had one car and needed a loan to buy another. I was freaking out, but Luke said, ‘Don’t worry, I’ll figure it out.’ And he did. Over a couple of quick emails. Now he’s our personal banker, too.”

If you need a banker who will help you get the financing you need to make your business dream real, Luke Ferden can help. Call him today at 651.766.4223 or email him at

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